Year: 2017

Merry Christmas from DeBerry Insurance Agency!

At this special time of the year, we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! We are thankful for a successful 2017 and are looking ahead to an even bigger and brighter 2018! As always, please call or stop by our office any time for us to assist you with your personal and business insurance needs.... Read Article

Why a Growing Business Needs to Look Into Key Person Insurance

In a small, thriving business, the death of a key employee could cause the business to collapse. It could be an owner, a founder, a key salesperson, or another important player in a growing concern. Life is full of uncertainties. Key person insurance helps protect your business should the unexpected happen. How Key Person Insurance Works Key person insurance is life insurance on a key... Read Article

DeBerry Insurance in the News! What you need to know about Cyberattack Insurance…

Eric DeBerry, Owner of DeBerry Insurance Agency Eric DeBerry, Owner of DeBerry Insurance Agency, was featured in a recent article published by The Columbia Daily Herald. In the article, DeBerry addresses the recent cyberattack on the City of Spring Hill's computer system and precautions that can be taken in preparation of such unfortunate instances. “On the private sector, extortion threat coverage is available if you... Read Article

DeBerry Insurance Agency donates $1,000 to support “Super Snooties”

DeBerry Insurance Agency proudly presented a donation of $1,000 to support Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue on Wednesday, November 8. The donation came at the close of a Facebook campaign the agency hosted over the summer in celebration of the DeBerry’s beloved pup, Murphy’s, 16th birthday. “Our agency pledged $1 for every ‘like’ to our Facebook page during Murphy’s birthday month,” said Chris DeBerry, Owner of... Read Article

Do You Need Business Insurance When Working Out of Your Home?

Many small businesses in the U.S. today are home-based. For a small business owner or entrepreneur, working out of the home has many advantages. It is convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable, and you can skip the daily commute and wear pajamas or sweats all day if you like. However, conducting business in the comfort and convenience of your own home does not make it risk-free. You... Read Article